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AquaLazing service is an advanced high-pressure water jetting process which can effectively clean piping systems of mill-scale, construction debris, and process deposits. In addition to piping systems, AquaLazing can be used to clean other critical plant components which can become contaminated with water or process deposits.


Orbit-India has developed the most advanced AquaLazing equipment available, based on sound engineering practices and years of experience managing and performing AquaLazing work. At the heart of the AquaLazing process is a robust high pressure (15,000 psi) diesel driven pump. The high pressure pump unit is fully enclosed in a 78db rated noise suppressing container. This allows minimal disruption to surrounding work activities. High pressure water is then transferred to a hose rotary device. The high pressure rotating hose is fed through an advancing device, which controls the feed rate necessary to conduct the required cleaning. A specially designed high pressure nozzle conducts the cleaning and moves debris out of the cleaned system.

On many projects high quality water availability and environmental regulations can present clients with a unique challenge for pre-commissioning cleaning. Water can be recycled in the process

AquaLazing can be used as a primary method for cleaning or in conjunction with other Orbit-India Services pre-commissioning cleaning services such as Steam Blowing and Air Blowing to help reduce overall cleaning times and associated costs. In many cases, AquaLazing can also be applied to piping systems typically requiring Chemical Cleaning to achieve the same cleanliness level, at reduced costs and zero environmental impact. Drying of cleaned systems followed by the application of a corrosion inhibitor can be accomplished to facilitate cleaning systems ahead of schedule and ensure ready for start-up.



  • High pressure pump adaptable to any water supply
  • Wireless remote pump kill switch with 500 ft. range
  • Self-contained pump with noise rating of 78 dB
  • Anti-withdrawal devices installed on inlet of process
  • Clean installed pipe systems ranging in diameters from 2″ up to 120″
  • Traverse multiple directional changes within a single piping system
  • Clean up to 1000 ft. of pipe from a single entry point
  • Climb vertically in pipe while maintaining the integrity of the cleaning
  • Remove solids from pipe and equipment
  • Zero discharge water recycling capability

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